Black Aces Look To Make Minutes Count

by Coach Elliott on December 20, 2007

Playing varsity hockey at Northview during the 80’s and into the 90’s meant you were a part of a very proud and successful program, however it was not always a hard program to make Varsity. On most years only 15 to 20 kids would even show up for tryouts. That is no longer the case. With more and more kids in Sylvania growing up and playing hockey the addition of a Junior Varsity program was needed. Now it is not uncommon for 35 or 40 kids to battle for the chance to be a part of the lucky 20 to be on Varsity.

For 3 straight years Cody Booth, Drew Jackson and Shane Molnar had to watch as other players got the call. That left them to be the leaders on the Junior Varsity program. Without complaint all 3 went about their business and worked on improving their games with hopes that they would get the chance to pull on a Varsity uniform and contribute in a Varsity contest.

This year for the annual Thanksgiving Cold Turkey Tournament all 3 seniors got that chance. Not only did they dress, but they played a significant role in helping their Wildcats earn the tournament championship. Cody Booth showed versatility to play both up front on the wing and then at defense. His physical play and big body was especially apparent during a physical match up with Mentor. Drew Jackson improved each game and played some big minutes to help run the clock and preserve each victory in the 3rd period. Shane Molnar, who had watched his brother Brett enjoy so much success, got to taste a little of his own with each win. He even chipped in an assist and some penalty minutes.

Cody, Drew and Shane could have quit on the program and themselves, but they chose to work for their chance to have a special season. So far, so good. Good luck boys and congratulations. Remember, “make the minutes count, don’t count the minutes”.

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