The Energizer Bunny

by Coach Elliott on January 24, 2008

The tenacity in which Tyler Cook plays the game of hockey reminds you of the energizer bunny, he keeps going and going and going….. If there is one player who epitomizes the way the Northview Wildcats have played hockey this year it would be Tyler. His blue collar, get after the opponent, style of play has proven to be the key to Northview’s amazing run.

Tyler came to Northview in his sophomore year and has been a team favorite from the start. Tyler is the first African American to play for the program. He has had to battle the stereotype that hockey is a white mans sport, while suffering through the occasional racial slur out on the ice. Tyler has handled all of that by simply being a great hockey player and a great kid. Tyler’s carefree enthusiasm for life and hockey are addictive to all those around him. He plays the game with his heart on his sleeve and gives all he has to every shift. So far this season Tyler has chipped in with 5 goals to go along with 9 assists, but it’s his ability to pressure the opponent and deliver a big check that have led directly to goals by his teammates. Few players in the NHC are feared by opposing defensemen the way Tyler is. If you plan on going to a corner with Cook you better bring your hard hat.

Congratulations Tyler! Your play has inspired your teammates and defined your team. Hopefully the Cats can do just like you and keep going and going and going………….

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