The Straw That Stirs The Drink

by Coach Elliott on February 15, 2006

Being one of the best penalty killers in the league, one of the best defensive forwards, and maybe one of the fastest skaters and perhaps one of the most unselfish and hardest working kids… means that you may be the Kris Draper of the Northwest Hockey Conference. And that’s exactly what Erik Lavoy is to the Northview Wildcats! Perhaps Erik is sometimes underrated by others maybe even over looked, when it comes to conference accolades, but the coaching staff of the Wildcats know what a force he is on the ice and how valuable he is to the success of the team. While much deserved recognition goes to players such as Alden Hirschfeld, Zach Nadolny, Adam Thanasiu, and others, all Erik has done is become possibly the best two-way hockey player in the NHC.
Erik came to Northview for his freshman year following in his brother’s footsteps. Tommy had just completed one of the better seasons any Northview goalie had ever registered in leading the 2002 Wildcats to an impressive season.

Erik jelled quickly with his teammates and earned playing time along side of forwards such as Bret Molnar, Drew Stark and Will Sinkey. He mastered his craft that first year as a very sound defensive forward with a knack for making big plays. He has always shown the poise of an upper classman even as a freshman. But what the coaches started to realize is that Erik was more than just a defensive forward, he was also a very talented offensive player. Near the end of that first year and into his sophomore season he started to add to that defensive game and became one of Northviews better playmakers. Now he has become a dominant force in both the defensive and offensive zones. He currently ranks second on the team in assists and third in overall points. He is also the lead penalty killer and plays the point on the power play unit. Couple all of this with the fact that he centers one of the best lines in the league and possibly the state, and you can see how Erik has become the straw that stirs the Northview drink!
Congratulations Erik on an unbelievable career! Some may have over looked your contributions, but the Northview coaching staff, your teammates and family never have and never will. Good luck in the future and with the rest of your senior season.

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