Northview Players Say Thanks For The Great Year!

by admin on April 5, 2006

Northview Players Say Thanks For The Great Year!

Dear Coaches, Teammates, Fans and Families,

THANK YOU! It’s hard to believe that four years ago we stepped on the ice in Bowling Green for our first league game and thought it would never end! While the teams varied, we always had each other. We came to Northview hockey as the “Fab Four” and leave as the ” Super Seniors”. You supported us the entire way!

As coaches, you were the best, you not only trained us to play at our highest level, and you took us into your hearts and homes. We not only sweated together, we broke bread, traveled and just had fun together. We’ll never forget any of you! Anytime your hungry give us a shout, we’re always up for a “senior dinner”. Teammates have come and gone, and given us many pointers along the way! We learned from you to dread when Coop runs practice alone, it always means lots of skating. You taught us the best place to get “game” clothes was at Savers. We learned about team bonding wearing those clothes from Savers to school. Don’t be late for practice or lose the water bottles, Coop hates that. You’re the drivers now so plan ahead and try not to scare the other cats with your driving. Also all cats love to eat- go out together often, its fun! Thanks for your support thru the years as players you truly understand what we’re going through. Fans, what can we say. You’re not only our fans but many of you are our friends. Week after week you came to Tam-O-Shanter to cheer us on. You suffered the wrath of Gorman and Jones when the cheering went astray, but you were doing it for us! You initiated Witt with the broken fence. Super fans you’ll always be. You can’t imagine the thrill of seeing and hearing all of you in Nationwide Arena and knowing you were on our side! You were still on our side as we entered Northview Sunday night, thanks, it meant more than you’ll ever know!

Alumni, you left some hard shoes to fill, but we think we did a damn good job! Records are made to be broken. We broke some that have been around a long time! Hopefully ours will last as long! You’ve been great to the program as a whole, always coming through with cash when Coop has a new plan! THANKS! You’re the “family” that the hockey cats are proud of, we’re glad to join that part of the family. Next year we can lace them up together in March! Alumni—hard to believe, it seems as we were just freshman!

Families– painting the rock, team dinners, dressing in Spirit wear, decorating the school, locker room snacks, inspiring quotes; you did all this for us! You gave not only your money, but also your time. You were there for 5 am practice before we could drive. Driving to road games, food and drink along the way, you never complained. You were there for the wins and losses. Based on some of your observations, we weren’t always sure what game you were watching, but no matter the outcome you were always proud! What can we say but THANKS and LOVE YA!!

These truly are the times of our lives; we had a blast, wish we had one more shot at it! But in the end being a Wildcat is being a champion! League champs; District Champ, State runner-up, WE hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did and fills you as much pride as it does us. We’ve made a name not only for ourselves but Northview Hockey. We leave here something not many can say—not only do we leave as cat alumni, but friends!

Cats…your great! Remember, “ The journey was the reward”

Adam, Bobby, Erik, Timmy, Alden, Thomas and Greg

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