Huss and Belt take high road on way back to Cats

by Coach Elliott on February 3, 2011

        Joey Huss and Stephen Belt have a had a very trying Senior season. After making, what they would agree, some poor personal choices they lost the ability to go out on game nights to help their teammates for this years Cats. With that punishment they could have opted for the easy route and pull the plug on their Senior season. Instead they decided to not make another mistake and quit on their team, their school, their families and most important to quit on themselves. They rededicated themselves to school and to getting themselves in the best physical shape they could.  They have earned their ice time while helping in practice to make their teammates the best they could be. This weekend the 2 Seniors will have to watch 1 last time before they regain status to play in games. They will return as the Cats head for post-season play and hope to help on the ice as much as they have the past 2 months off of it. Good luck Joey and Stephen on the rest of your Senior season and we commend you on making the best of a poor situation!

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