Christian Simon = Kris Draper

by Coach Elliott on January 17, 2008

c simon

Every great “TEAM” needs players who understand their roles. Some players will be counted on for scoring, some for setting up the goals and others who are counted on for checking and defensive play. The Detroit Red Wings look to players like Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Lidstrom for their offense. But for them to be successful, players like Kris Draper need to do their jobs.
The Northview Wildcats are off to a great start and want to be thought of as a great team. The have Bourland and Snead to be their Zetterberg and Datsyuk, but its been Christian Simon, their Kris Draper, that has made them successful as center on the checking unit. At 6’1” Christian possesses the physical presence to deliver a big hit or tie up a forward in the defensive zone. However its been his unselfish attitude to do whatever the team needs that has made him such an integral part of the team. Christian has learned his craft on the penalty kill when many seniors are part of the power play. He knows that his job is to lead younger players out on to the ice and protect a 1 goal lead in the third. He has done this with pride and without fanfare from those outside of the locker room. The coaches and his teammates appreciate what he brings to the team.

For the Cats to finish the season as a great team, they will need to continue to get great play from their Draper. If they do, like many of those Red Wings, win or lose they will finish as Champions! Congratulations Christian on a great career and good luck!

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